Pio Rambo - Professional Brazilian Portuguese Voice Over Talent

   Pio Rambo is a Voice over talent, with a warm, clear and friendly voice, special for to do voice over for TV series, documentaries, WBT, e-learning, infomercials, IVR, audio-guides and instructionals. Pio Rambo's voice inspires credibility, agility and qualification. 
    All texts are analyzed extensively to construct an audio picture which displays proficiency and veracity in what's being marketed.

   I am voice over talent since 1990 and work in broadcast radio since 1997. I work with all types of voice jobs, have no difficulty in speaking words in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or any other languages. My voice can sound anywhere from a 25 year old all the way to a 80 year old. I have my own studio and can provide quick delivery.

 A deep voice, which youd'd expect from a professional performance for:

Power Point
Telephone on-hold
 Messaging voice
Character voice for Games, 
ancients and Noel
 ... Anyway, what your imagination conceives, I'll put in the audio.  My voice has credibility, safety, friendliness and wellness.